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Margeaux Vase

Margeaux Vase

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The Margeaux vase, meticulously handcrafted and delicately draped like a theater curtain, exudes an air of graceful elegance. Its folds create captivating waves that dance in the light, drawing attention to its understated yet captivating presence. Despite its modest 30 cm diameter, the Margeaux vase demands the spotlight and effortlessly steals the show, especially when adorned with a vibrant bouquet of flowers.

Crafted from highly polished stainless steel, this exquisite vase boasts a distinctive allure that sets it apart. Its unique drapery, meticulously sculpted and expertly crafted, adds a touch of unparalleled sophistication to any space. Whether placed as a centerpiece on a dining table or showcased in a prominent spot in a living room, the Margeaux vase enchants with its timeless beauty and refined aesthetic.

By Philippi.

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Material: stainless steel. mirror-polished.

Size: 20 (h) cm

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