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Plate Feast Lapis Set Of 2

Plate Feast Lapis Set Of 2

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With an abundance of colours, vegetable prints and positive vibes the brand new FEAST collection reflects everything his creator, the British-Israeli chef Yotam Ottolenghi, stands for. On this project the chef joined hands with Italian artist Ivo Bisignano. “Ivo is a good friend as well as a soul-mate for the creative process in all Ottolenghi graphics”, Yotam Ottolenghi states. The various sizes in plates, the vibrant colours and different patterns all evoke the typical Ottolenghi feeling of ‘outrageous casualness’. “This collection is a collaboration nourished by camaraderie and by the sharing of lovingly-made food around a beautifully-laid table. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do Ottolenghi

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Colour: dark blue

Material stoneware

Dishwasher Safe Yes

Microwave Safe Yes

Diameter (cm) 26.5

Height (cm) 2

Length (cm) 26.5

Width (cm) 26.5

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