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String Dining Chair

String Dining Chair

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Founded by Wendy Legro and Maarten Collignon, Studio WM is a design studio located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Guided by a holistic approach, they aim to craft designs that appear deceptively simple yet reflect the care and attention poured into them, ensuring longevity in both form and function. Their Wire design is available in two iterations: a Dining Chair and a low Lounge Chair. Both boast a light and ethereal appearance, with the delicate wire frame offering a striking contrast to any cushions or soft items placed on top of them.

Explaining their approach, Studio WM states, "The strength of metal afforded us the opportunity to explore thin, lightweight constructions that bring illumination to the design, both literally and metaphorically. The juxtaposition between the slender metal wire and plush cushion invites tactile exploration and encourages use."

The WM Chairs are highly durable, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, and promise to last for years to come.

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Powder-coated Steel Frame

H: 80cm

W: 53cm

D: 50cm

SH: 45,5cm

color : Black

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