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Pum Tumblers Set Of 2

Pum Tumblers Set Of 2

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Introducing the Pum Series: a collection that defies expectations with its strength and elegance. Don't let the delicate appearance fool you—the glass in this set is remarkably sturdy. Each piece is adorned with ridges that not only create a delightful tactile experience but also add a touch of visual interest.

Despite its robustness, the glassware remains light and luxurious, making every sip a pleasure. Inspired by nature, the glasses resemble the graceful curves of a calabash, while the pitcher evokes the charm of a pumpkin.

But here's a word of caution: after midnight, who knows what magic the Pum Series might bring? It just might transform into something extraordinary.

By Polspotten

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Ø8 x H9 cm per glass

Capacity: 250 ml

Material: Glass

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