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Square Relief Vase

Square Relief Vase

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Following the bestselling Coral, Shanghai, and Hongkong vases, Norman Trapman introduces the vibrant Relief Series. Playful and exuberant, these bubbly vases aim to make a statement wherever they go. Crafted by the skilled hand of their master, each vase is meticulously shaped through hand-blowing techniques into a wooden mold. With their unique shapes and colors, they proudly assert their individuality, celebrating diversity. Inspired by brutalist architecture and Fritz Wotruba's abstract sculptures, the distinctive relief shape pays tribute to geometric abstraction. Norman Trapman, the Dutch designer behind polspotten, invites you to let these vases showcase their beautiful diversity in every space they inhabit.

By Polspotten

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Material: Mouth blown glass

Size: L14 x W14 x H34 cm

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