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A SHOP is a Dubai-based specialty online boutique founded in 2023, with a commitment to creating exceptional spaces with exquisitely crafted objects from designers and artisans from around the world. 

Our collection is thoughtfully curated to transform your space with a touch of personality. From bespoke artisanal furniture to functional yet stylish home accessories, our selections can turn even the simplest daily rituals, like enjoying a cup of coffee, into an extraordinary delight.

Beret Storage Box

The NUDE Beret storage box features a medium amber-hued glass container with a brass lid, reminiscent of France's famous hat. Playful and storytelling, it adds personality to any setting.

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Pure Blue

Pascale Naessens

Pascale Naessens complements its successful Pure collection with a brand new dinnerware set. In terms of shape and design, this expanded dinnerware perfectly complements the nostalgic, nature-inspired Pure range. "The blue-purple color matches food improbably well, explains Pascale. For me, food remains the most important starting point. I can see that food is already on the dinnerware even before I've made it."

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Ghiaccio Vase

Ghiaccio, the Italian word for ice, is the effect produced by ‘granzioli’, small glass fragments that resemble crushed ice applied on the vase while still incandescent. The result is a thick uneven layer of glass granules that envelops the surface. To highlight the contrast, a portion of the vase is left uncovered and smooth.

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