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Azad Kashmere Diffuser

Azad Kashmere Diffuser

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Locherber's "Azad" captures Kashmir's serene landscapes, from imposing mountains to vast valleys, marked by thermal extremes. Situated between Pakistan, China, and India, Kashmir, where rivers swiftly evaporate ("Ka" and "Shimir"), is a region with a rich, troubled history and enduring traditions shaped by sultans and maharajahs. A global hub for renowned fabrics like Kashmere and Pashmina, Kashmir's essence is embodied in Locherber's fragrance "Azad," meaning "Free." Ideal for those seeking a scent that transcends boundaries, it delicately complements any space. Inspired by fabrics such as Dokki Cotton and Linen Buds, it's a unique addition to the Locherber collection.
By Locherbe

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