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KitchenAid Artisan Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer 5.6L, Matte Black

KitchenAid Artisan Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer 5.6L, Matte Black

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Meet the powerhouse of stand mixers – the Artisan Bowl-Lift KitchenAid. This robust mixer boasts the most powerful motor, a large-capacity bowl, and a professional bowl-lift design. Its sturdy bowl-locking mechanism ensures it's ready to knead tough doughs, effortlessly mix dense ingredients, and handle big batches. The high-efficiency, quiet motor delivers the necessary power for heavy cake batters, large cream quantities, shredded chicken, or dense mixtures. With 11 slide-control speeds, including a gentle fold speed and Soft Start feature, this mixer offers precise control, protecting delicate ingredients and minimising mess.

The mixer is robust and durable, with a full metal construction including die-cast metal control knobs.
The lever smoothly lowers and raises the mixing bowl into position and the bowl attaches at 3 secure lock points for maximum stability.
Its motor is in the mixer head, so there’s no power loss between the motor and accessories.
The original planetary action provides fast and thorough mixing, touching the bowl at 67 points.
With a 5.6 L capacity, you can process up to 11 dozen cookies, make up to 11 pizzas, whip 8 egg whites, shred 1 kg of chicken, and knead up to 3.7 kg of bread dough.

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What's in the box:
1x Mixer Body
1x 5.6L Stainless Steel Bowl
1x Pouring Shield
1x Wire Whisk
1x Silver-Coated Paddle
1x Silver-Coated Spiral Dough Hook Color Matte Black
Material Mixed Materials
Dimensions (cm) H41.9 x W28.7 x D37.1 cm
Voltage (HZ) 50-60HZ
Power (Watt) 375W
Capacity (Liters) 5.6 L

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